Eventually the hearts in our chests will stop pumping,
and the brains in our skulls will resign.
Eventually we’ll lose the ability to move our arms and legs,
to write, sing, laugh or swim.
Eventually we’ll cease to exist physically,
and surviving in memory has its limits.
Eventually we’ll hurt the people we love,
and many of them will cry.
Eventually we’ll be no one to anyone,
tangible photos will fade, digital images will drown in space.
Eventually that home we built will come down,
we’ll be distant thoughts, then none at all.
Eventually the goals we meet will stifle in the grand scheme.
Eventually this world won’t need us,
and we’ll be unfathomable to future generations.
So while you’re still in this reality, be sure to travel to that place,
run that race, write that book,
jump out of that plane,
and spread that love.
Because, eventually.


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