Why You Need to Experience a Meal at Ports O’ Call Before it Disappears

Read it here: Why You Need to Experience a Meal at Ports O' Call Before it Disappears


I’m Still Alive!

Oh dear. I haven't posted since May, but I promise, I'm still alive! When Theyย say planning a wedding is a full-time job, they're right. I'd love to sit down with They and ask them about all the other things They say so I can plan my life accordingly. But if you're wondering what I've been... Continue Reading →

Susan and Linda

It's a really hard Mother's Day. Not sure if it's because I'm turning 30 soon or because everyone and their mom (killed it!) is posting Mother's Day pics to social media and I look at that garbage far too often, or if it's what my therapist said about grieving at different capacities as you get... Continue Reading →

Debra! What are You Doing Here?

Debra Messing showed up in my dream last night. In the dream she was the example of true beauty, modeling a pair of light, faded mom jeans. Her hips looked especially wide in them and a group of strangers and I examined her from head to toe with wonder and jealousy. Her hair looked like... Continue Reading →


Eventually the hearts in our chests will stop pumping, and the brains in our skulls will resign. Eventually we'll lose the ability to move our arms and legs, to write, sing, laugh or swim. Eventually we'll cease to exist physically, and surviving in memory has its limits. Eventually we'll hurt the people we love, and... Continue Reading →

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